Guinea pigs

This week saw us visiting the school with our tree identification to trial it with a small group of year 6 children- or guinea pigs as they preferred to be called!

After last week’s lecture to Year 1 Education students, we had made a few changes to the app in regards to the introduction of a home button and making the images larger to ensure a smooth transition through the software itself.

The children worked in pairs exploring the school grounds and identifying as many trees as the could using the software whilst also noting any improvements which they would like actioned if possible.

Firstly, we found out that the WIFI signal worked on the field which supports the use of our app- hurrah! But this is what else we found out from the children:

Positive feedback

  • I like it already (before even starting the activity)
  • Children are engaging with the language on the resource
  • It is easy to use once you know how to use it
  • It is interesting and good to identify trees
  • Age range is good for 4,5 and 6
  • Lots of good information and gives further detail through links
  • Think it is cool
  • Think it is fun
  • ‘Too cool for school’
  • It is like the Woodland Trust app

Points of development

  • Twigs and bark are hard to identify on the app as they are very similar images (We will amend this by making these parts more detailed like the leaf example)
  • No way to identify if the answer is correct or not (We will be taking pictures of the trees during the different seasons to place on the final slides so the children can compare with what they are looking at)
  • Need to add the Willow dome onto the app
  • Is there a way to go back one slide instead of straight back to the beginning?
  • Problem with the ‘hairy’ button
  • Would need less complicated language for the younger year groups
  • For year 4-6, the images are too young and too cheesy

Overall, the opportunity was invaluable and proved a success in helping us understand how we would need to move forward with this project. Based upon this feedback we will now be making our app more detailed with more questions for each section just like how our leaf section was structured. This will make the app clearer and more user friendly, in addition to allowing the learner to be in control of the product.

However, as we are now on placement for 10 weeks the project will be on the back burner, but we have set a mission for the children to take pictures of the trees when they first begin to bud which will give us a range of images through the seasons to support the second point of development located on the list.

All in all, a very positive and exciting day for us all!



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