The Teaching Resource Pack.

Our original idea in terms of what we going to do in order to make change happen involved the creation of a teaching resource pack. We originally separated and bfa0b7965b02080028854f75bf18f657_pond-dipping-pond-dipping-clipart_496-361split the school grounds into four different sections, assigning one section to each of us as a focus.

The four sections:

  • Pond
  • Copse
  • Hedgerow
  • Tree

Each of us would take a section and design appropriate activities which would be fun, engaging, outdoors and would have links to the National Curriculum which we felt was important.

journey sticks

The main idea behind this teaching resource pack was to help make teaching outdoors easier and more accessible to each teacher. By providing the resource pack we thought this would encourage teachers to use the outdoor environment, which has vast potential, to support learning and to ensure that it would be less time consuming, which is often a limitation of outdoor learning, for teachers to plan activities for the outdoors as all potential ideas would be in one booklet ready for use. Our initial plan was to provide the National Curriculum links alongside a mini lesson plan and any other relevant information they might need to succeed in the teaching of it. We were hoping that by us providing an incredible resource like this it would encourage the teachers to go outdoors and embrace their outside environment with little hassle and little planning needed. Helping to make the learning more exciting for both the children and the teachers.

The teaching resource pack was completed and ready to go, each of us has completed our sections, put in the time and effort, completed research and come up with some lovely ideas the children would embrace. Unfortunately, due to a loss of communication, the resource pack was never distributed to the school and the teachers.

It is a shame but there was no interest shown towards this resource pack by the school which for us as a team was incredibly disappointing as we had spent so much time putting it creating it for instant use in the classroom. We had to make the professional decision as a team to adapt the project to just creating a tree identification app, which was an idea proposed by our contact at the school initially. However, we have attached all the ideas to this blog so that we, and other teachers with a passion for outdoor learning, are able to access these activities and use them within different schools. This then allows the legacy to continue for the resource pack in a different way than we initially thought but will ensure that the potential of the teaching resource pack is utilised in other school environments.



Robson, M. (2002) Problem-solving in Groups. (3rd edn). Hampshire: Gower Publishing Ltd.



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